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Kirjoittaja Aihe: ..taitaa jossain vaiheessa vahtua tuo JPEG 2000:nen JPEG XT:ksi  (Luettu 1206 kertaa)


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...taitaa jossain vaiheessa vahtua tuo JPEG 2000:nen JPEG XT:ksi...

The JPEG standardization committee has played an important role in the digital revolution in the past quarter-century. However, the ever-changing requirements in multimedia applications have created new challenges in imaging for which solutions should be found. This Emerging Technologies webcast provides an overview of several new solutions, including a recently developed image format called JPEG XT that is intended to deal with high dynamic range (HDR) content. In addition, JPEG PLENO, a recent initiative by the JPEG committee to address an emerging modality known as plenoptic imaging, will be explained. Finally, we will introduce JPEG AIC (Advanced Image Coding), a potential initiative that aims to create a new image compression standard that would not only offer superior compression efficiency when compared to JPEG and JPEG 2000, but also would provide other features attractive for multimedia applications of tomorrow.